Upping the ante of the 502 over other rimfire trainers on the market is the heightened magazine capacity, with standard magazines holding 10 rounds and extended units holding 15. Each gun ships with one 10-round magazine and one 15-round magazine. The milled slide is equipped with a 4.6″ barrel and the gun measures 7.6″ long and 5.8″ high, putting it in the same size category as FN’s 509 Midsize model. Unloaded, the rimfire repeater weighs slightly less than its centerfire counterpart at 23.7 ozs. Buy fn 502 online

At the top of the FN 502 is a milled slide, which is a common feature on many of today’s centerfire pistols, but this particular milled slide is a first of its kind. The 502 is tuned for the added mass of a mounted red-dot sight. Should users choose to forgo optics, the 502 is equipped with suppressor-height sights. FN includes optic mounting plates designed for many of the popular red-dots available. In addition to optics and raised sights, the 502 Tactical supplies a threaded barrel to accommodate rimfire suppressors or muzzle devices. A knurled thread protector is included. FN 502

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